In summary, $MRD is not just a token; it's a vibrant and diverse community where memes find a home in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency landscape.

Hi there — Welcome to $MRD: Where memes meet prosperity!

$MRD is more than just a token - it's the paradise of memecoins. Built on the Radix network (XRD), $MRD offers a unique and vibrant platform where memecoin culture thrives.

Imagine a world where memes and cryptocurrencies come together in unparalleled synergy. $MRD makes this vision a reality, providing a safe and accessible space for meme enthusiasts and investors to explore and trade a variety of memecoins.

With a total supply of 500 million tokens, $MRD ensures ample liquidity for emerging memecoins, encouraging creativity and innovation within the community. Additionally, 458,3 million tokens have been made available on the market, while 5 million are reserved for marketing strategies and rewards.

But $MRD is not just about trading; it's about building a passionate and engaged community. Those who contribute to the liquidity of the $MRD/XRD trading pair receive additional rewards, encouraging active participation and ecosystem growth.

In this memecoin paradise, decentralized governance gives token holders a voice, allowing them to shape the future of the platform. The gradual burning of tokens, at a rate of 1 million per day, guarantees a constant reduction in supply, increasing the value and scarcity of $MRD over time, of this total we reach 26.7 million tokens, and this campaign has ended.

In summary, $MRD is not just a token; it's a vibrant and diverse community where memes find a home in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency landscape. Join us and embark on this exciting journey to the memecoin paradise.

$MRD - Tokenomics:

  1. Token Name: MRD Token

  2. Symbol: $MRD

  3. Token Type: Built on the Radix network - XRD

  4. Total Supply: 500 million MRD tokens

Token Distribution:

  • Public Sale: 91,66% (458,3 million tokens).

  • Burn: 5,34% (26.7 million tokens), we have already burned 26.7 million! Check!

  • Team: 2% (10 million tokens). Check!

  • Incentive Reserve: 0,5% (2.5 million tokens). Check!

  • Advisors: 1% (5 million tokens). Check!

Token Features:

  • Payments: MRD tokens will be used for transactions within the OCISWAP dex.

  • Governance: Token holders will have voting rights in governance decisions.

  • Rewards: Users will be rewarded with MRD tokens for active community participation, providing feedback, creating content, or participating in events.

  • Airdrop: We've already distributed around 5 million tokens in an airdrop to the community!

  • Token Burn: 26.7 million tokens will be burned over time, at a rate of 1 million per day, gradually reducing the circulating supply.

  • Building dex for meme trading on radix.

  • Memerad nft trading platform launch.


Phase 1 - Launch and Initial Development (2024 Q2):

Phase 2 - Platform Expansion (2024 Q3-Q4):

Phase 3 - Token Decentralized Governance (2025 Q1-Q2):

Phase 4 - Sustainable Growth and Innovation (2025 Q3-Q4):

Phase 5 - Vision of the future without defined data:

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